I work with drawing, printmaking, video, installation, and combinations of media to investigate time and our emotional relationships within it. I am interested in combining stasis and movement and comparing decay, distortion, and generation of images to the similar mechanism of memory.

I use a photocopier to make images that become distorted as small accidental changes are picked up and amplified over time. The semi-automatic process is repeated until photographs and drawings become a sticky, dark, dusty, beautiful abstraction. The mindless and quiet movement, surrounded by the dull but occasionally sharp mechanical noise, provides a meditation on disintegration of memory and fading away of the emotional impact of loss. I like to combine etching and drawing, which share fluid, expressive, and delicate linework. When etching, which is traditionally a slow, static, and labor intensive process, becomes the ground for an immediate, spontaneous, and almost reckless way of working like life drawing, the piece offers a dialogue between permanence and ephemerality. Crochet stitches become a materialization of time and frustration from repeated, failed, attempts at an action and a change.